Limber Dance Therapy
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Diagnostic Tool
Access to a diagnostic tool developed by a neurosurgeon with more than 20 years of experience with spinal pathology. Complete a full assessment in less than two minutes and know your diagnosis. It’s like having an online neurosurgeon, anytime.. anywhere. Using this tool is so easy, a child could do it. Learn more about your own diagnosis with information about your condition, therapy, medication and possible procedures.
Learn More Section
This section contains a huge amount of information and education about your spine, the problems that can occur with it and what treatments are available. Videos - There is access to educational content from physical therapy, occupational therapy, biokinetics and neurosurgery. Healthcare is multidimensional and this section gives you advice from a multitude of healthcare providers on the topic of spinal health.
Books and other free text - Get access to articles, guidelines and three books that Dr Liebenberg has written specifically for patients so that they can understand everything they need to know about their spines.
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My Spine Health
Subscribers have access to measurement tools that will accurately measure spinal health and will be able to track the improvement in their spinal health over time. These tools have been validated internationally, is used globally to measure spinal health and is used in medical research literature.
Learn More
Subscribers have access to a massive library of exercises that have been designed by a team of specialist doctors, therapists and dancers. The routines are designed to build spinal strength and mobility and reduce pain. They are perfectly safe to follow and have been designed with the greatest care, adhering to sound exercise principles.
Bio snippets
Our biokinetic educational snippets take first-timers by the hand and lead them through activation of core muscle groups and correct biomechanical principles. This is essential for protecting your spine throughout your life and also for doing the exercises to their maximum benefit and safety. It’s like having an online biokineticist, anytime, anywhere.
Bio videos
For each of our classes there are Bio videos. These explain the aim of each individual dance exercise, the muscles and the biomechanical structures involved.
Demo videos
In these videos the dance therapist will walk you slowly through all of the steps of the actual dance. There may be more than one demo video for a dance exercise if the exercise is long or has several steps.
Dance exercises videos
These are the actual exercises and they have been designed to complement each other. Choose from the six main categories – Pelvic girdle, core stability, mobility, glutes & quads flexion & extension and cardio. Beginner and advanced variations are available for each exercise. Just follow along with the cues and visuals according to your own level of fitness and ability.
Therapist led classes
Our dance therapists present full exercises, both for beginners and advanced users every week. New classes are added every week.
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Exercise picker
Our neurosurgeon and Biokineticist developed this proprietary algorithm to design your exercise routine based on your spinal diagnosis, your ability and your preference.
Categories and Collections
For those who know their way around their body and exercise, can go directly to our resource library and choose their own program for the day, mixing and matching between the exercises as they see fit.